About ABS

About ABS

Your success is our success

ABS or Advanced Billing Services is located in Vancouver, Washington. We were founded with the goal of providing the best service possible to our customers, improving their income and office efficiency.

The future of insurance claims is moving into the electronic age rapidly. ABS has invested in the schooling, software and training to help healthcare providers file their claims electronically without having to individually invest their time and money and continue to do so to accomodate staff changes. ABS is like having another set of employees devoted to your claims filing and billing full time. Whether your office is 3 or 3000 miles from ours, we can help with your needs.

Because ABS works with all insurance companies and all types of providers, we have a greater understanding of the services and fees utilized by both, and will be able to notify you of any changes that will be advantageous to you.

Because we need to stay on top of Medicare and Coding changes, we will be attending conferences and seminars and passing this information along to you.

Our technical support for computers can be helpful to any practice whether it's in person, via email or over the phone. We can offer suggestions for software, hardware, backups and maintenance.

At Advanced Billing Services, we are committed to giving the very best service to make your business a success.

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6610 N.E. 112th Street
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Local Voice or Fax (360) 546-2473
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